Chandra Prakash – Hotel Management in Mangalore


Ma’am, Thank again to you and your whole team, for help.
I’m Chandra Prakash, s/o Mr. Ram Barai Sah and Kishori Devi, both are leprosy affected person. They are struggling to survive their life, but even after that, they encourage and sent me for higher education in Mangalore for hotel management.
Mangalore is a south region of India, which is very beautiful and famous for it’s education system.
In beginning it was a bit difficult to me due to suddenly change of region, food and and language (I don’t know local language at all). But in college I got a very supportive and friendly environment which helped me to improve my study as well as my interest toward this course. I got here some very good friends who are very cooperative, they always help me and ask for help as well. They all know that I belong to Leprosy society, but it does not make any difference to them.
Some of my friends and teachers also don’t know about Leprosy at all, as I get time I educate them about Leprosy and some of them got very impress after know that this type of society and about LITTLE FLOWER.
My study is going very well. After study I also participate in all types of sports and cultural activity. I’m also NSS (National service scheme) student coordinator of our college. After that I’m member of Gastronomy club, Eco club. 
But all these was very difficult to me without your help.
Thank you
Chandra prakash 

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