My name is Mukesh Kumar. I am from  Little Flower Sunderpur Raxaul in Bihar India. I belong to a Leprosy affected family. My father’s name is  Ramesh Sah and my mother’s name is Kunti Devi. My father is a carpenter and my mother works as sweeper. She is working  in Little Flower K.V.I. Sunderpur Raxaul. I really don’t  feel well about my mother’s profession. Anyhow for family members she has to work.
I hope I can solve my family’s problems as soon as it is possible for me. Coming to my father he doesn’t have a regular type of job. He has to work on daily basis. He travels a long distance everyday for my family. Sometimes he has work, some times he has to sit at home, in lack of a job. Anyhow: my family is managing all the expenses. I  have two sisters. Both are married.I am the only one son of my parents.

I did my early education from Little Flower High School. Later on I was shifted to Hazarimal High School Raxaul. I complete my 10thstandard from Hazarimal High School Raxaul. I did my Isc. and from Raja Ram sah College Raxaul. During my Study time I did some part time job for my study and for my family expenses. I did a job in Little Flower Sunderpore itself as a teacher, junior accountant and cashier and in admin office.

When I completed my, I was anxious about my career. Due to financial problems I  was not able to prepare my career plan. But by the bless of God my financial problem were solved by the help of Little Flower Education Trust. They helped me financially. It was a great help for me. I got admission in Presidency College Bangalore for my M.B.A. And this year I have successfully completed my M.B.A.

During my college time I got placed in a Company called Vaya Finserve. It was a kind of sales job. But I was not interested in this kind of job, so after getting offer letter I ignored this job. This was not my area of interest. My area of interest is in finance. So I joined a 4 months financial model course. Recently I am about to complete this. I hope after finishing this course, I can find a better job in finance field.

There are so many  thing I have to do for my family and for my society. I hope I will be able to help my family and my society as well.

I would like to give special thanks to Claudia Ma’am, Waltraud Martius Ma’am, Neeraj Sir, Reema Ma’am and Shiv Bhaiya and their team members for their special support for my career.


Thanking You

Mukesh Kumar