School 2016

These children need education

Kinder sunderpur schule spende bitte

This year we are starting a new project in Little Flower. For years we have been working towards better education. The rural nature of the village and public authorities indifferent to education in the village have made it hard to attract qualified teachers for the local school. That is why we have provided for attractive teacher housing. Now we want to step it up and make quality education accessible for LF children.

We are building a school, that complies with the CVSC Standard. This allows the school to issue documents that are officially recognised and thus pupils can easily continue schooling in higher institutions afterwards.

The current school does not comply to that standard in its entirety, and 400 children still need to overcome several barriers in order to continue schooling.

Due to a lack of teachers local villagers take over teaching positions and give the best they can. However they neither possess sufficient subject knowledge nor any pedagogical qualification. The classrooms are overcrowded and since the big earthquake in Nepal last year the classrooms are damp and wettish on a regular basis. Electricity cuts often interrupt lessons as most classrooms do not have enough daylight to get by. There are far too few toilets and bathrooms. Moreover computer training is simply impossible as there is no access to equipment and specialised training staff.

Early childhood education is also part of the education plan for the village. There should be enough room, personnel and teaching material for that cause.

We have set ourselves a challenging objective:

Construction and providing funds for a school including its furniture and other facilities, as well as

  • construction of toilets and bathrooms
  • computer room including 10 computers
  • sun- and rain protections for the courtyard, so it can be used at any time
  • solar plant including buffer storage, so that power cuts do not interfere with schooling as well as making evening schooling possible
  • Foundation and construction of a pre-school and hiring qualified personnel (qualified specifically for early education)
  • Salary of 14 qualified teachers for the next 10 years

A project team will be in Sunderpur from February 2016 so that the project can be implemented within the first half of this year. The preparations for it are already up, and we wait for CBSE confirmation.


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