The very little ones in Little Flower

im Rahmen einer Fotoreportage im Lepradorf Little Flower in Sunderpur bei Raxaul/ Bihar im Norden Indiens an der Nepalesisch-Indischen Grenze am Freitag, 20.02.2015

The village kindergarten is in a good mood.  .. with a good sense of humor and a noise level that you have to get a grip on first!

For Malti this duty is not difficult, she herself is a mother of two sons of secondary school age and has the necessary humor and love for the little ones to bring out the forenoon in exciting shape!

She is very pleased with the crayons we brought from Salzburg, and yes even about the toothpaste, because hygiene is part of the early education.

The funds to play and the space inside is limited, but that does not detract from the enjoyment of children. And on the other hand the whole village is available for the little ones during the rest of the day!

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