The students of „basehabitat“/Art University Linz

Eindrücke von der Baustelle Phoolna ("Aufblühen" auf deutsch) im Rahmen einer Fotoreportage im Lepradorf Little Flower in Sunderpur bei Raxaul/ Bihar im Norden Indiens an der Nepalesich-Indischen Grenze am Mittwoch,18.02.2015

I would also like to specially dedicate a post to the students, of their dynamism and colorfulness they bring into the life of the village and also into the everyday work.

The workers the students work together with in Little Flower, are entirely young men who were unemployed and children of leprous parents in the border region between India and Nepal. Alcohol and drugs, smuggling transactions at the border are very difficult factors influencing the village, unemployment and lack of prospects – as we know that in all regions of the world – the most fertile ground for slipping into crime and violence. –

– No easy clients so for our construction project Phoolna and yet for Kabita and me the most urgent project to provide these young people stability and to integrate them!

So Sebastian and me were looking very closely in this area for our recruiting process and studied young people in need for new perspectives, hoping that they would be integrated into a workflow and even more that they would learn a profession in this way.

The performance of the Linzer students in this connection is a very special one: for me, as I was always with the students in Little Flower, it was impressive to witness the development:

Discipline on the construction site, stay tuned, do not pinch, to bring enthusiasm and endurance for work, to participate in meetings and formulate your wishes, … everything that was not obvious across long distances and had to be constructed as a culture within the team.

The students made the significant contribution through their pre-life:

Many young women who were sure to give everything, working together  without distinction, the experience of learning together and from each other changed these young men much, the slang that once was a very rough one, was now kinder , the cooperation of an coined  respect and support.

I think the young men from Austria were over long distances raw models and allowing new orientation

Many events supported this developement, such as sharing celebrations and challenges together.

All this happened so to speak next to the construction site, which proceeded quickly!

Today they are cheerful, dynamic young people who pitch in and are proud of their project, have a feeling of solidarity, stay tuned and look for new perspectives:

The offer of the friendly Nepalese architect to work on his construction sites in Nepal and to make training as a construction manager with him, was well received and supports us in further steps towards final training for the workers!

Claudia Vilanek

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