It`s done! das Lehrerhaus

It`s done!

It was an exciting day: Friday the 28th of August we inaugurated the new teacher`s house while celebrating a wonderful party with all the villagers and lots of friends from all over the place: it was a wonderful event and occasion to give the teacher`s house plus community hall to the people of Little Flower.

The president of the Rotary Club of Traun/Austria, Edith Kundraht was there with her husband as well as many friends from Raxual and Birgunj, among them also members of the Rotary Club of Birgunj.

Sebastian Vilanek and Iris Nöbauer were thanked and applauded a lot for their intensive work they did for the last three years on this project and also in the village as such.

So much competence and knowledge, time and appreciation, or let us put in one word: so much friendship and love they offered the people.

The result is amazing indeed: the six flats and the large community hall with a big terrace on top are a wonderful piece of architecture. I had the opportunity to stay in one flat for a couple of days and it really makes a difference in terms of the climate and atmosphere and makes the hot monsoon summer much easier to bear!

All together about 50 students and 14 workers have been involved in the construction during the last three years and the project costs including the 3 years of salary for the workers were about 120.000€.

The results:

  • Six flats for qualified teachers; the first two will move in in the following weeks
  • 14 qualified workers, who are called for next jobs in Delhi and Nepal
  • Cross-cultural cooperation, learning and experience
  • A new style of living with clay and bamboo, that got a lot of coverage in the news paper
  • A new image and more recognition in the area around, that will be helpful for next projects
  • A new partnership with the art university in Linz/architecture that will start an additional housing project in 2016 and get all preparations done by October 2016? in Little Flower

… lots of reasons for celebrating and saying THANK YOU: to Sebastian Vilanek and Iris Nöbauer, Professor Gnaiger and his team at university, to all our sponsors and many helping hands!


We did it, and it is great indeed!

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