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short summary, 25th of October 2012

We have arrived 3 days ago in the village and are now settled in. All of a sudden many people arrived here and now we are really an international team. Right now we are 6 people from Austria, 3 from India, 1 American, 1 girl from Sweden and another girl from Paris, so all together we are 12 people.

Today we started working with clay. We did an example wall 1,5m x 0,3m x 0,5m with clay, straw and water, we introduced the workshop participants from Sourabh to our project and our workers from the village are about to finished the pillars for the new pipeline.



22.10.  When we arrived we were warmly welcomed by the inhabitants of the village. We went to see the site and went to bed quite early – a 24h train ride is quite exhausting.


23.10. The next day was a holiday luckily, right now it’s Puja, so  we could sleep in. Then there arrived a lot of people: First of all Tanvi from the south arrived, then Justin from Denver and even later in the evening Kunal from Rajasthan joined us. We were at the Puja tent from our bamboo supplier Sunil at that moment. From the rooftop of his houses we could see all over Raxaul while the sun was setting. Still we went to bed early because we wanted to start work at 7am the next day.


24.10. then we got up at 6am so we could start at 7. Michael and Felix went to the site right away, me and Sebastian showed the village to the workshop participants and explained the whole situation to them. After that we got a introduction to everything by Jomo: the construction site, the bamboo, the container and the accountings. Since our head was quite filled afterwards we shoveld it free again at the site with physical work. We filled the pillars our workers layed out of bricks before with concrete. Like every day work was finished at 4pm at the site – we had an other meeting with Jomo. After that we had dinner and joined our neighbours and listened to them while they were playing music – an accordion, a drum and some were singing a nice lullaby.


25.10. Getting up, having breakfast and going to the site where we started mixing the clay. ‘dance on it” Sourabh said. Michael, Tanvi and Justin enjoyed dancing in the mud. Then we did a human chain and transported the mixture to our wall. After that we had a team meeting – we should get to know each other and the workshop participants should learn about our project, which we explained to them intensively. And it was already lunchtime. Right now Jomo, Sebastian and me are working on the bamboo order – which is not so easy. Probably two of us will have to go to Nagaland which might be interesting anyway. In the meanwhile our wall is being raised to 55cm – which makes half of a truck. The other half will be used for the pizza oven on our rooftop.

Tonight there will be a huge dinner: We and all our workers from the village, young boys who are really motivated. Maya was quite shocked when we told her that she had to cook for so many people. I’m looking forward to it: it’s a nice birthday present a nice way to say good bye to Jomo, who is leaving tomorrow.


by(e) Iris



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