The boys from Little Flower

I want to share a few stories which are close to my heart, to share my experiences with the children from the village. I really admire them and their vitality is a spark that has to overleap.

I got to know to a few children more closely. Some boys – Nassim, Ramjam, Dinesh and Jitu – are always with us and help us, get us things we need and take care of us. Their stories I know a little bit better. Ramjan for example is 14 years old and as Kabita said he was one of the cheekiest boys from the whole village before we came. At the beginning he didn’t speak a word of English, but now he is fluent in the every day needs. This is really impressive I think. We were invited to his family’s house for the celebration of his sisters twins birthday, Sikender and Sandu (or something like that). She is 21 and her children just became 5 years and she has also got another son named Allahdin. Ramjan has got four sisters. They all live with his parents. Which means that there are 10 people in two rooms on 30m^2. His parents live in one room which is 10m^2. The children live in the other rooms with two beds, one small one for Ramjan and a bigger one for all the others and then there also live the four goats of the Family. In summer they all sleep outside, because inside it’s getting too hot.

Furthermore there is Badal. He is the son from the sister of Kamal, one of our workers. I think he is five years old and is very sprightly. He speaks a few words of English and when he doesn’t know something he just keeps going in Hindi fully convinced that you have to understand what he is saying. If you don’t he is first very surprised and then tries to notify himself with hands and feet. He is a small cat burglar and climbs everything you can imagine. He is the boss of a small gang who are running through the village the whole day and turning everything inside out. His energy is impressive and his smile can warm your heart.

I started playing Volleyball after work with the boys from the village. It is very informative and I learn a lot. I have the feeling, if you spend time with them and show them respect it has a great impact on them. They are really happy every time I come and if I am not there a quarter past four some one comes to ask for me where I have been and if I don’t want to play today.

I really like them a lot by now and I think I will miss them the most in the village. Wassim, Nassims brother who always looks so serious, Nassim himself who has to comment on everything and who displays the macho, Shiv the best volleyball player, Abdul the drummer, Akash our best worker on site and who is so willing to learn anything that is new to him, Ashish the tall shy boy, who opens up when he is dancing and performs a show that is unbelievable and then last but not least Rohit, who told me he wanted to become a photographer and who was really happy when I borrowed him my camera so he could take some pictures – which are really nice by the way – apart from that he is caring and courteous – I was invited to his and his family’s place many times for tea and biscuits – and there are many more… some whose name I just can’t remember because my ear is not used to Hindi but whose face I will never forget!

And there are so much more stories to tell and so many more children to support. And of course there are all the girls from the village who I didn’t even talk about yet. I wish them all the best for the future and I hope that they will all go their own path!

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