updates on the construction

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well it’s been a while… I didn’t give any update since our arrival. But work was going so fast and so well that I didn’t find the time to sit with my computer and sum it all up.

So where to start?!

Maybe about the bamboo since it was such a big topic before: the floor is finished. It’s waiting to have the measures checked and to be put in place as soon as the pillars are mounted. The pillars are all ready and they are producing the beams now. Also the holes are being filled and the linseed oil is applied. Unfortunately our drill broke so we had to find a new technique for the foundation on the rooftop. (we wanted to drill holes into stones and put a metal pipe for the foundation) Now it will only be a metal pipe with a plate welded onto it where the bamboo can rest. So what else is there?! We made a new bamboo storage where we sorted them according to their length. Also they are covered by plastic sheets now.

We have a carpenter team (actually two) one is led by Corinna and they are producing all the furniture. And the other is Jotilal’s team which has been doing our door frames and so on before. That’s what they are doing now for the community hall. And he is also finishing the kitchen outside of the flats. Both teams are working really well and a lot of work has been finished. Now she is training Aftab and we will see if he can continue her work once she has left.

Then there is the rammed earth floor finishing team. We made many tests according to some recipes I got from Franco (a trainer from AMACO, who conducted a workshop for clay with the students two weeks before we left). And now we are going to do a finish with Caseine as a primer and Bananajuice as final layer. The Caseine and Bananajuice we will put after coming back from Varanasi. So we have one floor finish before we leave.

Then of course there is the whole structural work of the community hall. This all went super good. We finished our lintel yesterday and started to prepare the formwork for the concrete slap, which we are planning to cast on Sunday as soon as we are back from Varanasi. The brick laying took only about two weeks now. Including the lintels of the doors. The window lintels we prefabricated. I think the students enjoyed this work a lo because you could really see the progress after one days so it is a really motivating work. And also everybody got the chance to lay bricks. I think this is also very important.

So what else. Yes! There is the insulation and the ceiling of the first floor. They are putting the chalked straw and fixing it with bamboo mats below. I really like it. Martin said it’s like in the Caribbean. Haha! So we are going to have some visitors tonight. They will be staying in the first finished flat. And I am interested what they will have to tell about the climate inside.

Now I have to make sure everything is prepared in there and I will also take some pictures of the work. And then you are welcome to see our work yourself!

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