Ladies in orange

These ladies are members of the management board of the physician assistants from all Austria. Beside their job they all have a symbol together: an orange scarf from Little Flower! And with the scarf they spread the message! Thanks a lot for this initiative!

Ajita – the bundle of energy

She has come to Little Flower to make an internship in the weaving department. Now she has started to take care of everything a little bit. Her first job was to decorate the office. Which she made very nicely, Shiv wanted some boards to put pictures of the production and the products. Now there are nice ones, which are only waiting to be decorated with a lot of pictures. Actually it already is now decorated. She has come up with some new designs, like bags and shirts out of silk, they are really nice and I have the feeling that they would sell well in India.She has also brought a new machine from Kathmandu for Reyajul and the tailors. It is an electrical and offers a lot of new possibilities. When she brought it she also cleaned the old ones carefully so that they can and will be used as well. She has taken some scarves to Nepal and sold about 40 in Kathmandu and Pokhara, where she has also a contact who would like to open a store for Little Flower. Which would be great but first there is a lot to arrange. I hope that she will stay longer and with her spirit keep the great workflow going. She is so lively and keen when she is talking about her work or doing it – it’s just a pleasure to watch. Thank you!

I will miss you and I wish you only the best, Iris!

Some more informations on what is going on in the khadi right now: The stockrooms are now newly sorted and cleaned up but that is the achievement of the new storekeeper, Sitah. When I went in there I had the urge to get some customers and show them the huge variety of things the khadi has to offer. Also Shyam and Shiv are having their meetings regularly and are discussing of what products Shyam can sell with which price in Raxaul.

first newsletter

Little Flower Khadi & Village Industries Leprosy Rehabilitation Center, Sunderpur, Raxaul -845305; Phone number – 06255-222558,222376; e.mail –

Dear friends and future supporters of Little Flower,

We are building up our marketing in the weaving department a daughter organization of Little Flower and therefore we are starting a regularly newsletter of which this is to be the first one.

For those who don’t know Little Flower yet a short introduction to the village: Sunderpur or also called Little Flower was founded about 30 years ago. The intention of the village is to rehabilitate the leprosy affected people, which means to have a place where they can live in security and find a work so that they don’t have to go for begging, to provide health care to them and education to their children. Because of the social stigma they were forced to go begging since no one would want give them work.

The village’s best working company is the weaving department or „khadi“ where they produce scarves and cotton products for India and Austria. The khadi was founded by Br. Christo Das to provide work to the leprosy-affected villagers so that they can earn in a dignified way.

Right now we are sending most of our products to Austria, but we want to explore the market in India. Therefore we are doing a research on the market and are thinking about modifying our production line. We hope to get some feedback to our current products also from you and to find a market for our scarves in India.

Our goal for the next year is to start a good business in India.

Right now there is also a catalogue being produced for the scarves in Austria. Hopefully we can send the finished catalogue next month as an attachment.

More information you can always find on our website:

or on the blog which is being updated regularly:

Since we are still working on our business plan and don’t know the market, as well we are always open for suggestions and ideas. For example we want to start dyeing with natural dyes instead of chemical ones. So if you know something about this or know someone who might, please let us know and give us their address.

We hope to be able to report some progress next month. Until then we wish you a happy new year and all the best for 2013.

The khadi team.


Please contact us if you have suggestions:

Kabita Bhattarai
( Secretary )
Little Flower K.V.I.L.R.C.
Sunderpur, Raxaul – 845305,

Shyam Lama
Marketing manager
Raxaul PIN 845 305

Shiv Shanker
Production manager
Raxaul PIN 845 305


Here you can admire the varieties of the colors of the beautiful scarfs of the khadi (weaving department).

These are silkscarfs are made out of nonviolent cocoons, which means that the butterfly can emerge. Therefore the silk is a little more rough than normally because the butterfly tears the silkyarn during the process of emerging.

The warp (Andi) is made out of handspun silk and the weft (Noil) is bought.

which color sequence is the best?

5th of December 2012

images of the khadi

27th November 2012


24th November 2012

working on the scarf sorting

22nd of November 2012

I am working in the khadi – the weaving department – right now. Me and Shiva are doing the serial and article numbers. We have been working really hard fort he last days and we are nearly finished with the masterpieces for the plain colors. There will be two masterpieces one for Claudia and one for Shiva which stays in his office, to show to potential customers and to have some models. Tomorrow we will finish the materpieces for the plain colors and then we will start with squares and stripes.. I love the work there, it is amazing how much progress you can see. Hopefully everything will work out the way we want it to.


24th of November 2012

I am still working in the khadi. I am sorting the scarf making the masterpieces and try to find a new way to give article numbers. For example: xxxx-yy-zz; xxxx= color, yy = pattern & width, yy= orientation equals 3050-31-20 for a red scarf with stripes of medium width. But it’s not perfect yet because there is no indication for the second color of the stripes… We will see… Shiva is really keen to do the work and it is a pleasure to work with him. Today we sent the package with the new scarfs for Katharina. It should reach within 8-10 days.



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