The students and their work

It was great to see all students so busy at the construction site. Benedikt, Sebastian brother is supporting them during Christmas holidays. Justin from the States was a workshop participant and is still there. He is wonderful in his relaxed and steady work he is doing. Sebastian is the organizer and keeps the overview, Felix is the big communicator among all workers and motivates the young. Iris supports much also in the background of organization, accounts, photographs, keeping the Blog updated. Kunal is also a workshop participant who stayed back and is supporting wonderfully in many different ways and departments. You are a great team! Thank you very much for your work! 

Claudia Vilanek

the team

Amazing people over here! Everybody a is a special character!


everyday morning meetings


our workers from the village

Abdul (masonry) , Akash, Asmahamad, Biltu (masonry)

Hanif, Jeetendra, Kamal, Kishor (nightwatch)

Laxman, Laxmi, Motilal (manager), Nand,

Naresh, Noor, Radheshyam (help), Raj,

Ramprasand, Santosh, Vijay, Ziqurulla


the workshop participants

Amol, Jayashri, John, Justin,

Kunal, Sandeep, Sophie, Sourabh (construction manager),

Tanvi, Vyshak


the help from Austria

Christina, Felix, Iris, Jomo

Manuel, Michael, Sebastian (Entwurf)


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