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Phloona means to blossom out

Eindrücke von der Baustelle Phoolna ("Aufblühen" auf deutsch) im Rahmen einer Fotoreportage im Lepradorf Little Flower in Sunderpur bei Raxaul/ Bihar im Norden Indiens an der Nepalesich-Indischen Grenze am Samstag, 21.02.2015

The latest pictures of the construction site, which will be completed by June! So are six apartments meant to serve as accommodation for new, qualified teachers, and a common room, the Community Hall, which is now still under construction. In our meetings was discussed intensively, which could be the next project with “basehabitat”.

news from the site


I think the pictures tell the story pretty well…

Work is going really well in India. They are working on adobes, which should be dry until we arrive in February, and they are treating the freshly cut bamboo.
Furthermore the whole building has been plastered inside and outside!

when I came and when I left

thanks for having me one more time! /Iris

lintel band …

… above the doors in the third flat! We were really quick. But it was soo hot and very exhausting. I am happy today is sunday. On Monday we will continue to make the roof and also go to Laxmanoa to get the last bricks we will need for the third flat!

what’s up on the construction site

hopelfully i will manage soon to write a report! For now I have to let the pictures describe the work…

oh yeah… by the way getting bricks from Laxmanoa is an adventure!!! But don’t worry nobody got hurt… we will have to do some repairings on the road though!!

construction work is going well

On site everything is going well. Since our deadline is the 31st of August, they are hurrying up. The beams above the windows designed by Hannes are also being used now. I have to do a lot of organization, about how to continue when we leave again. I am trying to build up a structure, with which communication can work better. And i also want to try to find training possibilities for the time we are not here. Let’s see how things will work out!

what else has happened?

When there was not enough work on site, they continued to repair and build in the village:

third flat

Today we started to build our third flat:


this is what our construction site looked like when I arrived (3rd of August 2013):

2nd addition to the construction site

– pictures from Johannes in the time of 12th of March until the 3rd of May 2013
(some photos you might already have seen, this is a résumé)

1st addition to the construction site

– pictures from Motilal 8th of March 2013

LFB – Little Flower Bricks

or also “Laxman’s Factory Bricks” =)

…producing our own bricks in Laxmanoa. Clay with straw and sand  mixed insulates better, furthermore we thought of our own dimensions:

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