Franchisecongress in Berlin/Germany

Waltraud Martius, a real ambassador of Little Flower gave a speach on the German Franchise Congress in Berlin in these days. She was wearing a pink scarf as a sign of Little Flower and more than that she was introducing the project to the audience in connection with Social Franchising. No wonder, that many people left the congress with a colorful message of Little Flower around their neck!

Thank`s Waltraud!

REAL HERO – Kabita Bhattarai got the award

Kabita was chosen as a real hero by an Indian broadcasting company, see all details in the following link!

Congratulations to you Kabita! This is wonderful!

Ladies in orange

These ladies are members of the management board of the physician assistants from all Austria. Beside their job they all have a symbol together: an orange scarf from Little Flower! And with the scarf they spread the message! Thanks a lot for this initiative!

A very special moderation through this evening

Ingrid Amon will act as cultural guide for the concert in Mattsee on August 8, 2012

Ingrid Amon will guide us through the concert. With her energy and her charisma she will lead us  from piece to piece as from our world into the world of another continent.

and she welcomes YOU!

The Vienna Violin Quartett

The Vienna Violin Quartett  charity concert in the convent church of Mattsee, a small town  north of Salzburg, (currently celebrating a Diabelli festival summer) on August 16, 2012 at 6pm.

The concert by the Vienna Violin Quartet – Guenter Seifert, Eckhard Seifert, Milan Setena and Josef Pitzek promises to become an exceptional and exhilerating musical celebration of compositions by W.A.Mozart, F.Schubert, J.Haydn, father and son J.Strauß and others in the convent church of Mattsee.

All four musicians are members of the Viennese Philharmonic Orchestra that is supposed to be one of the best in the world and are in Salzburg whole summer for the famous Salzburg Music Festival. They offered this evening for free to support Little Flower

Tickets: via internet   (search for Diabelli Sommer Benefiz August 16)

or at any of the sales outlets of Ötickets




Exhibition in the vaults of afo (University of Art and Design, Linz): discover the model buildings for Little Flower

On Wednesday, July 4, an exhibition of model buildings by four students of architecture of the University of Art and Design of Linz ( was opened and will close on July 20, 2012.

The exhibits are model buildings that were created in the course of one term as answer to all the questions and tasks the students were confronted with during their field trip to Little Flower, India, in February. The results are incredibly impressive and the committment shown by these four students, who each chose one project, is fantastic.

Felix Ganzer: enlarged living space

Iris Noebauer: a new weaving complex

Sebastian Vilanek: teachers’ quarters for the new teachers at the English Medium School

Jomo Zeil: new stables according to modern standards of livestock housing

Through the support of their teachers, especially that of Prof. Roland Gnaiger and Clemens Quirin/BASEhabitat, the best in these students has been brought out and has allowed their energy and committment and expertise to rise to a wonderful work of art!

Find out more about this project on


In autumn the realisation of the projects is to begin. That’s why Sebastian and I will fly to Little Flower for a week at the end of July to be of help in the village with the coordination and synchronisation of the plans and carry out important preparatory steps. Besides, we are urgently on the look out for sponsors. Our charity concert in Mattsee on August 16 promises to become a joyful, original evening, all as a contribution to the building project. Some businesses have already agreed to donate tools, containers or the financing of workmen, all of which greatly increases our confidence in this project. Full power ahead!

For Little Flower itself this cooperation and this transfer of know-how will lead to a new era: in the course of the construction works men and women will be trained in various skills and crafts which they will be able to use as an income basis for themselves and for Little Flower in the future. Modern ways and techniques of mudbrick constructions will offer locals new possibilities of using a traditional building material that reacts best to the greatly varying temperatures in the course of a year.

In my vision Little Flower will turn out the first solar engineers in the region, workers familiar with modern mudbrick techniques and thus make Little Flower a centre for modern architecture in Bihar. It will comfortably fit into the landscape and proudly present sustainable building methods.

This is the proper answer to the change in generation that is occuring at present, after 30 years of project building. It offers new and exciting perspectives to the young generation.

Be part of the process! Keep in touch!

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