REAL HERO – Kabita Bhattarai got the award

Kabita was chosen as a real hero by an Indian broadcasting company, see all details in the following link!

Congratulations to you Kabita! This is wonderful!

Golden Award for Little Flower work in Austria

October was the month of awards in Austria! I was the happy one to get it for Little Flower. These were two exciting days in my life and a lot of appreciation for my work that is nothing more than the enlarged arm for Little Flower!

On 5 Ocotber I got the Golden Award from the republic of Austria in the house of Foreign Minister. It was a real Little Flower scarf party we had in the office and all were so very happy about it!

See some pictures of this wonderful event in Vienna!

Pro Caritate Award

On 22nd of October I got the Pro Caritate Award from the county of Salzburg from the governor of Salzburg, Gabi Burgstaller, as a gift I gave her a pink scarf knowing that she likes this color a lot. She was very happy and wanted to know how to get more of them!

I have to thank Salzburg for their support for the construction project for the teachers houses. They gave 10.000,00€ for this project. Thank you very much!

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