Phloona means to blossom out

The latest pictures of the construction site, which will be completed by June! So are six apartments meant to serve as accommodation for new, qualified teachers, and a common room, the Community Hall, which is now still under construction. In our meetings was discussed intensively, which could be the next project with “basehabitat”.

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The students of „basehabitat“/Art University Linz

I would also like to specially dedicate a post to the students, of their dynamism and colorfulness they bring into the life of the village and also into the everyday work.

The workers the students work together with in Little Flower, are entirely young men who were unemployed and children of leprous parents in the border region between India and Nepal. Alcohol and drugs, smuggling transactions at the border are very difficult factors influencing the village, unemployment and lack of prospects – as we know that in all regions of the world – the most fertile ground for slipping into crime and violence. – Continue reading “The students of „basehabitat“/Art University Linz”

Spinning and weaving – the thread of life

There is always a lot going on here

The colorfulness and the hustle and bustle in the Khadi is an attraction in the village, and everyone likes to drop by! For me, there is always a must-attend event with the spinners – who then laugh a lot when my tricky spinning wheel always turns in the wrong direction –

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The very little ones in Little Flower

The village kindergarten is in a good mood.  .. with a good sense of humor and a noise level that you have to get a grip on first!

For Malti this duty is not difficult, she herself is a mother of two sons of secondary school age and has the necessary humor and love for the little ones to bring out the forenoon in exciting shape!

She is very pleased with the crayons we brought from Salzburg, and yes even about the toothpaste, because hygiene is part of the early education. Continue reading “The very little ones in Little Flower”

Two weeks in Little Flower, February 2015

While the students of Art University Linz / basehabitat spent five weeks building practice in Little Flower and thus initiated the last phase of the PHOOLNA project, which ushered the Community Hall in loam with bamboo construction, I was even accompanied by three traveling companions for a total of two weeks in the project.

It was an intense time, each marked by the most exciting, different perspectives, which Wonge Bergmann / Frankfurt Continue reading “Two weeks in Little Flower, February 2015”

arrived in Sunderpur

And here we are again!
Everything worked out really well.

And already on the first day in Little Flower we started working on site. After a few preparations there we started the brick work. Since this work was going faster than we expected we decided to focus on the bamboo work. Also because Fatima –our bamboo expert – is here for a Continue reading “arrived in Sunderpur”

First impressions on the site

It’s almost been a week since I arrived in Sunderpur. I was welcomed warmly and felt back home immediately.
The next day I was already on site, which looks incredible. The impression which the building is now conveying is really impressive and I am not surprised at all that they call it “raja ka ghar” (house of the king). Honestly I am a little jealous of the teachers who will move in here. Continue reading “First impressions on the site”